Best Summer Ski/Snowboard in Europe

Fresh powdery snow. There’s nothing more exciting or fun to ski on than the annual gift of frozen water. Unfortunately, with every Winter comes a Summer and you find yourself left with a snowboard in the attic and your ski jacket in the back of the closet for another year. Not this year, three-thousand and twenty nine meters into the sky lies “The Glacier”. The snow-capped peak of Kitzsteinhorn remains open to skiers and snowboarders throughout the year offering a much needed taste of fresh snow on the lips and a local town full of life.

A two and a half hour train ride from Munich, Germany the town of Zell Am See, Austria is a great base camp for your summer ski trip. Hotel prices are lower here about seven miles from Kaprun, the true base of Kitzsteinhorn. For around 40 Euros a night, one can enjoy the parks, hiking, and beautiful lake that this town has to offer. A 25 minute bus ride to the Ski-Station will cost about 5 Euros. Whereas the friendly taxi drivers will charge a base price of 25 Euros for the trip. (16 Euro price to Kaprun, 15 Euro price to the station separately.)

Things To Do In Innsbruck

If you wish to stay in Kaprun, and have a thick wallet, or want a five star vacation, the Tauern Spa is a great resort with rates at about 150 Euros per night. They offer a free breakfast with your stay, as well as access to more than five pools, and three slides in their resort. Full massage areas, saunas, and tanning beds are also available and may be charged to the room. If you want nothing more than a room and breakfast, there are plenty of hotels in the area offering rooms at rates ranging from 50 to 130 Euros as well.

As far as Skiing/Snowboarding there are rentals in both towns and a three day rental will cost no more than 50 Euros. The Lift pass for the mountain is 74 Euros for three full days from 8-4. Two scenic Gondola’s will take you to the center where you may rent equipment and lockers as well as stop by for a quick lunch before returning to the slopes. One more gondola will take you the last stretch to the top where you may enjoy both a breathtaking view and an enthralling day of fun.